Verbum salutis omnium

Verbum salutis omnium,
Patris ab ore prodiens,
Virgo beata, suscipe
casto, Maria, viscere.
The Savior of all men, the Word,
Who from the Father's mouth proceeds,
Within your womb, O Virgin blest,
We humbly beg you to receive.
Te nunc illustrat cælitus
umbra fecundi Spiritus,
gestes ut Christum Dominum,
æqualem Patri Filium.
The Spirit overshadows you,
His fruitful work has now begun,
That you might bring forth Christ the Lord,
The Father's coeternal Son.
Hæc est sacrati ianua
templi serata iugiter,
soli supremo Principi
pandens beata limina.
Behold the sacred temple's gate,
Remaining sealed for years unknown;
Its blessed threshold fastened tight
Would open for the Prince alone.
Olim promissus vatibus,
natus ante luciferum,
quem Gabriel annuntiat,
terris descendit Dominus.
Of old the prophets held his pledge;
Before the dawn he had his birth;
Now Gabriel proclaims to you:
The Lord descends unto the earth.
Lætentur simul angeli,
omnes exsultent populi:
excelsus venit humilis
salvare quod perierat.
Let angels then exult as well
And all the nations leap for joy;
The Most High comes in lowliness
To save what sin had once destroyed.
Sit, Christe, rex piissime,
tibi Patrique gloria
cum Spiritu Paraclito,
in sempiterna sæcula.
To you, O Christ, our gracious king,
And to the Father glory be,
And to the Spirit Paraclete,
While ages run eternally.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.