Candor aeterne Deitatis alme

Candor æternæ Deitatis alme,
Christe, tu lumen, venia atque vita
advenis, morbis hominum medela,
porta salutis.
Bright splendor of divinity,
O Christ, our only life and light,
You bring the sick a remedy,
And set our crooked paths aright.
Intonat terræ chorus angelorum
cælicum carmen, nova sæcla dicens,
gloriam Patri, generique nostro
gaudia pacis.
So let the angels' song resound,
To usher in the age of grace
And tell of glory all around,
Proclaiming joy unto our race.
Qui iaces parvus dominans et orbi,
Virginis fructus sine labe sanctæ,
Christe, iam mundo potiaris omni,
semper amandus.
You lie, an infant, ruling earth,
Now rule our hearts forevermore,
To whom a spotless Maid gave birth,
O Christ, our most beloved Lord.
Nasceris cælos patriam daturus,
unus e nobis, caro nostra factus;
innova mentes, trahe caritatis
pectora vinclis.
You came to give us heav'n above,
As one of us, you took our flesh;
Entwine our hearts with bonds of love
And with your grace our minds refresh.
Cœtus exsultans canit ecce noster,
angelis læto sociatus ore,
et Patri tecum parilique Amori
cantica laudis.
Behold we join the angels' song
And cry to you with one accord,
To whom all hymns of praise belong,
The Holy Trinity, one Lord.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.