Hic est dies verus Dei

Hic est dies verus Dei,
sancto serénus lúmine,
quo díluit sanguis sacer
probrósa mundi crímina.
This truly is the day of God;
His holy light shines bright today,
When by his sacred blood, once shed,
He washed the sins of men away.
Fidem refúndit pérditis
cæcósque visu illúminat;
quem non gravi solvit metu
latrónis absolútio?
Bestowing faith upon the lost,
Unto the blind he grants new sight;
Has not his pardon of the thief
Put all our mortal dread to flight?
Opus stupent et ángeli,
pœnam vidéntes córporis
Christóque adhæréntem reum
vitam beátam cárpere.
The angels marvel at the sight:
Though lowly and oppressed by strife,
A guilty man may cling to Christ
And thus attain the blessed life.
Mystérium mirábile,
ut ábluat mundi luem,
peccáta tollat ómnium
carnis vitia mundans caro,
O wondrous mystery of grace!
The sick are brought to health again;
He takes away the sins of all,
The crimes of flesh by flesh made clean.
Quid hoc potest sublímius,
ut culpa quærat grátiam,
metúmque solvat cáritas
reddátque mors vitam novam?
What, then, could be more grand than this:
That fault should lead to fuller grace,
That charity should loose all fear,
And death to life should cede its place?
Esto perénne méntibus
paschále, Iesu, gáudium,
et nos renátos grátiæ
tuis triúmphis ággrega.
Lord Jesus, grant unto our souls
Eternal paschal joy, we pray,
And grant a share in victory
To those reborn by grace today.
Iesu, tibi sit glória,
qui morte victa prænites,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
in sempitérna sæcula.
All glory, Jesus, be to you,
The conqueror whom we adore,
The Father and the Spirit blest
Who reign with you for evermore.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.