Commune vos apostoli

Commune vos, apostoli,
extollat hymni iubilum,
quos advocat par gratia,
coronat una gloria.
Unto you both, Apostles blest,
Shall rise our joyful melody,
For grace in kind has beckoned you
And glory crowns you equally.
Ardore pulsus caelico,
Christi premis vestigia,
Simon, et illum nuntias
zelo peractus impigro.
O Simon, filled with fervent zeal,
You pressed along the path Christ trod,
Proclaiming him unto the world,
Impelled by burning love of God.
Tu carne frater, assecla
fraterque Christi spiritu,
Iuda, Magistrum praedicas
scriptisque fratres erudis.
And you, Christ's brother in the flesh,
In spirit brother of the same,
O Jude, who taught the brethren well,
You wrote and preached the Master's name.
Nec pertimescit sanguinem
uterque purum fundere,
ut veritatis enitens
sit testis atque victima.
For neither saint held back in fear
From pouring out his own pure blood,
That each might witness to the truth,
Embracing holy victimhood.
O summa caeli sidera,
nos detis ut per aspera,
fide valentes integra,
tendamus ad caelestia.
O brightest stars of Heav'n above,
Grant that amid all earthly strife
We may keep perfect faith in Christ,
And ever strive for Heaven's life.
Patri per aevum gloria
Natoque cum Paraclito,
quorum supernis gaudiis
simul fruemur perpetim.
Unto the Father glory be
And to the Spirit and the Son,
Whose joy, we pray, may be our own
Forever as the ages run.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.