Crux mundi benedictio

Crux, mundi benedíctio,
spes cértaque redémptio,
olim gehénnæ báiula,
nunc clara cæli iánua,
O Cross, a blessing for the world,
The hellish weight our savior bore
Now made our hope and rescue true,
For us unlocking heaven's door,
In te levátur hóstia
ad se qui traxit ómnia,
quam mundi princeps ímpetit
suúmque nihil ínvenit.
On you, the Victim lifted high,
Whom this world's prince dared to beset
Yet nothing of his own could find,
Has drawn all things unto himself.
Patri, tibi, Paráclito
sit æqua, Iesu, glória,
qui nos crucis victória
concédis usque pérfrui.
With Father and with Paraclete
To you, Jesus, be equal praise,
Whose victory upon the cross
By grace we share for endless days.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.