Iesu sub ara victima

Iesu, sub ara victima,
Verum Deum quem credimus,
Qui carne nos pascis die,
In nocte nostra sis quies.
O victim on the altar now,
Jesus, true God, to whom we bow,
You feed us with your flesh by day,
Be then our rest at night, we pray.
Sis mentium pax et cibus,
Et dulce robur cordium;
Sint templa sancti Spiritus,
Quae consecrasti corpora.
In you sweet strength of heart we find,
Our nourishment and peace of mind;
May bodies set apart by grace
Become the Spirit's dwelling place.
Dum nos quiete recreas,
Supplex precaris hostia;
Locus quietis intimae
Nostris sit ara cordibus.
With quiet rest our strength restore,
O victim blest, whom we implore,
And make the altar of our hearts
A peaceful dwelling set apart.
Laus nocte iugis et die
Sit Trinitati gloria,
Quam Filius non desinit
Laudare factus victima.
By night and day all glory be
Unto the blessed Trinity;
The Son has never ceased to raise
His sacrifice of perfect praise.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.