Praeclara qua tu gloria

Praeclara qua tu gloria,
Levi beate, cingeris,
laus est Dei clementiae,
spes nostra ad indulgentiam.
Surpassing glory from above,
Blest Levi, now encircles thee:
The hope of pardon for our sins
And praise of God's great clemency.
Teloneo quando assidens
nummis inhaeres anxius,
Matthaee, Christus advocans
opes tibi quas praeparat!
O Matthew, sitting at thy booth,
Collecting coins 'mid worldly cares,
To thee Christ beckons, “Follow me,”
For thee much greater wealth prepares!
Iam cordis ardens impetu
curris, Magistrum suscipis,
sermone factus inclito
princeps in urbe caelica.
With burning zeal within thy heart,
And running to embrace the Lord,
Thou hast become a heav'nly prince
According to his glorious word.
Tu verba vitae colligens
Davidque facta Filii,
per scripta linquis aurea
caeleste mundo pabulum.
Thou didst record the words of life,
Provision for this passing age,
And mighty deeds of David's Son
Emblazoned on thy golden page.
Christum per orbem nuntians
confessus atque sanguine,
dilectionis vividae
supremo honoras pignore.
Proclaiming Christ throughout the world,
Thou with thy blood this witness showed,
A final sign of vital love,
And worship unto God bestowed.
O martyr atque apostole,
evangelista nobilis,
tecum fac omne in saeculum
Christo canamus gloriam.
O Martyr and Apostle blest,
Evangelist, now grant that we
Might sing Christ's glory one with thee
From age to age eternally.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.