Festiva canimus laude Hieronymum

Festiva canimus laude Hieronymum,
qui nobis radiat sidus ut eminens
doctrinae meritis ac simul actibus
vitae fortis et asperae.
In festive song we praise Jerome,
Whose learning shines from Heav'n above,
A blazing star that burns alone
Emboldened by ascetic love.
Hic verbum fidei sanctaque dogmata
scrutando studuit pandere lucide,
aut hostes, vehemens ut leo, concitus
acri voce refellere.
The word of faith he brings to light,
The holy dogmas' depth he shows,
And, like a lion roused to fight,
With mighty roars refutes his foes.
Insudans alacer prata virentia
Scripturae coluit caelitus editae;
ex his et locuples dulcia protulit
cunctis pabula gratiae.
He sweated in the verdant fields
Of Scripture that he tilled with care;
This fertile ground of Heaven yields
For us its gracious lasting fare.
Deserti cupiens grata silentia,
ad cunas Domini pervigil astitit,
ut carnem crucians se daret intime
Patri munus et hostiam.
Alone in silence and awake
Beside the manger he adored;
He crucified his flesh to make
A sacrifice unto the Lord.
Tanti nos, petimus te, Deus optime,
doctoris precibus dirige, confove,
ut laetas liceat nos tibi in omnia
laudes pangere saecula.
By virtue of this Doctor's plea,
O holy God, we now implore,
Grant us to offer up to thee
A song of joy forever more.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.