Christe splendor Patris

Christe, splendor Patris,
Dei mater Virgo,
Ioseph, tam sacrorum
pignorum servator,
O Christ, the Father’s splendor bright,
O Mary, Virgin mother fair,
And Joseph, chosen guardian
Entrusted with their loving care,
Nitet vestra domus
floribus virtutum,
unde gratiarum
fons promanat ipse.
Your household shines with radiance;
Domestic virtues blossom forth,
For there the very source of grace
Springs up afresh upon the earth.
Angeli stupentes
Natum Dei cernunt
servi forma indutum
servis famulantem.
God’s only Son who reigns above,
Whom angels marvel to behold,
Now in a servant’s form is born
To serve his servants here below.
Imus praees, Ioseph,
humilisque iubes;
iubes et Maria
et utrique servis.
You, Joseph, in your lowliness,
Are given charge in God’s design,
And, Mary, your authority
Serves also in the plan divine.
Cunctis praestant aulis
haec egena saepta,
salus unde coepit
generis humani.
Surpassing royal palaces,
Your meager walls take pride of place,
Whence first began the life of Christ,
Salvation for the human race.
Iesu, Mater, Ioseph,
mansionis vestrae
nostras date sedes
donis frui sanctis.
O Jesus, Mary, Joseph blest,
Grant us a home with you above
To reign in Heaven with the saints,
Who share eternal gifts of love.
Tibi laudes, Christe,
spem qui nobis praebes,
tuos per parentes
caeli adire domum. Amen.
To you, O Christ, our source of hope,
Be glory and unending praise,
Who through your parents lead us home
To live in Heaven all our days. Amen.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.