Inter aeternas superum coronas

Inter aeternas superum coronas,
quas sacro partas colimus triumpho,
emicas celsis meritis coruscus,
o Benedicte!
Among the everlasting crowns
Which saints above, triumphant, bear,
We venerate, O Benedict,
That crown which you by merit wear.
Sancta te compsit puerum senectus,
nil sibi de te rapuit voluptas,
aruit mundi tibi flos, ad alta
mente levato.
Concupiscence could not lay hold
Of boyhood, by wise age adorned,
You saw earth's blossom wilt away;
To higher realms, your heart was borne.
Hinc fuga lapsus patriam, parentes
deseris, fervens nemorum colonus;
inde conscribis documenta vitae
pulchra beatae.
You leave behind your kith and kin
And flee into the wilderness
Where zealously you dwell and write
Instruction in the life of grace.
Iam docens omnes populos subesse
legibus tandem placitisque Christi,
fac tuis cuncti precibus petamus
caelica semper.
The laws which are the will of Christ
You teach all people to obey,
So grant that we may ever seek
The things above, we humbly pray.
Claritas Patri genitaeque Proli,
Flamini Sancto decus atque cultus,
gratia quorum tibi tanta laudis
gloria lucet.
All glory to the Father blest,
And to his Son, all worship be,
And to the Spirit, fitting praise,
Whose glory shines eternally.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.