Legifer prudens venerande doctor

Legifer prudens, venerande doctor,
qui nites celsis meritis per orbem,
denuo comple, Benedicte, mundum
lumine Christi.
O wise and learned Benedict,
Whose law and merits shine so bright,
We beg you now, throughout the world,
To flood our hearts with Christ's own light.
Floruit per te novus atque miro
gentium nexu sociatus ordo;
iuribus sacris tua vox subegit
dulciter omnes.
Through you there flowered on the earth
A great new order, unified;
Your voice has sweetly bowed all men,
And men your precepts sanctified.
Liberos Iesu pariterque servos
regula magna statuisti alumnos,
quos amor fotus precibus revinxit
et labor unus.
Both slaves of Christ and freemen, too,
Your rule made students set apart,
For prayer has fostered love in them
And common work has won their heart.
Iamque fraterne, duce te, laborent,
mutuo certent populi favore,
gaudeant pacis refovere semper
dona beatae.
Now may they put each other first
And labor all as brethren true,
With you as guide, to live in joy
And gifts of blessed peace renew.
Claritas Patri genitaeque Proli,
Flamini Sancto decus atque cultus,
gratia quorum tibi tanta laudis
gloria lucet.
All glory to the Father blest,
And to his Son, all worship be,
And to the Spirit, fitting praise,
Whose glory shines eternally.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.