O Redemptor sume carmen

O Redemptor, sume carmen
Temet concinentium.
O Redeemer, hear this anthem
As we sing with one accord.
Arbor foeta alma luce
Hoc sacrandum protulit,
Fert hoc prona praesens turba
Salvatori saeculi.
Sacred will become this bounty
That a fruitful tree once bore
When we bear it in procession
Unto you, our Saving Lord.
Consecrare tu dignare,
Rex perennis patriae,
Hoc olivum, signum vivum,
Iura contra daemonum.
Consecrate, O King of heaven,
Olive oil, a living sign;
Let it thwart the demons' power,
Lend to it your strength divine.
Ut novetur sexus omnis
Unctione Chrismatis:
Ut sanetur sauciata
Dignitatis gloria.
By this Chrism, men and women
Are renewed as they are sealed,
And our glory, once so wounded,
Now at last through grace is healed.
Lota mente sacro fonte
Aufugantur crimina,
Uncta fronte sacrosancta
Influunt charismata.
When the sacred font has taken
All the stains of sin away,
On those foreheads then anointed,
Send your gifts, O Lord, we pray.
Corde natus ex Parentis
Alvum implens Virginis,
Praesta lucem, claude mortem
Chrismatis consortibus.
Lord, who came from God the Father
In the Virgin's womb to rest,
Grant us light, and let not perish
Those who share this Chrism blest.
Sit haec dies festa nobis,
Saeculorum saeculis
Sit sacrata digna laude,
Nec senescat tempore.
May this day be always festive
For all ages, we implore;
Sanctify the praise we offer,
Let us bless you evermore.