Diei luce reddita

Diei luce reddita,
laetis gratisque vocibus
Dei canamus gloriam,
Christi fatentes gratiam.
With daylight once again restored
We lift to God a grateful voice;
Confessing grace from Christ our Lord,
We sing his glory and rejoice.
Per quem creator omnium
diem noctemque condidit,
aeterna lege sanciens
ut semper succedant sibi.
Through him the Maker of the world,
By issuing his firm decree,
The course of night and day unfurled,
A cycle fixed eternally.
Tu vera lux fidelium,
quem lex veterna non tenet,
noctis nec ortu succidens,
aeterno fulgens lumine.
But thou, the faithful's one true Light,
Whom ancient laws cannot restrain,
Shall never see the fall of night
Upon the brilliance of thy reign.
Praesta, Pater ingenite,
totum ducamus iugiter
Christo placentes hunc diem
Sancto repleti Spiritu.
Eternal Father, Lord, we pray,
The Spirit's grace to us impart,
That through the course of this whole day
We might please Christ in mind and heart.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.