Per crucem Christe quaesumus

Per crucem, Christe, quæsumus,
ad vitæ transfer præmium
quos ligni fixus stípite
dignátus es redímere.
O Christ, we beg you, by your cross
Bestow your life eternally,
On those whom once you deigned to save,
Transfixed upon that glorious tree.
Tuæ legis artículus
vetus cassat chirógraphum;
antíqua perit sérvitus,
vera libértas rédditur.
The gracious edict of your law
Annuls the sentence from of old:
Our ancient slavery destroyed,
True liberty at last restored.
Patri, tibi, Paráclito
sit æqua, Iesu, glória,
qui nos crucis victória
concédis usque pérfrui.
With Father and with Paraclete
To you, Jesus, be equal praise,
Whose victory upon the cross
By grace we share for endless days.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.