Magnis prophetae vocibus

Magnis prophetae vocibus
venire Christum nuntiant,
laetae salutis praevia,
qua nos redemit, gratia.
With mighty voice the prophets cry:
“The coming of the Christ is nigh!”
His path made straight by saving grace
Through which he has redeemed our race.
Hinc mane nostrum promicat
et corda laeta exaestuant,
cum vox fidelis personat
praenuntiatrix gloriae.
So, here our morning glimmers bright,
And hearts brim over with delight
At hearing such a voice resound
Which heralds glory all around.
Adventus hic primus fuit,
punire quo non saeculum
venit, sed ulcus tergere,
salvando quod perierat.
This Advent was his sacred birth;
He did not come to doom the earth,
But rather wounds to bind and mend
By saving what was lost through sin.
At nos secundus praemonet
adesse Christum ianuis,
sanctis coronas reddere
caelique regna pandere.
The second Advent we await
When Christ will stand before the gate
To open heaven's blest domain
And crown the saints to share his reign.
Aeterna lux promittitur
sidusque salvans promitur;
iam nos iubar praefulgidum
ad ius vocat caelestium.
Eternal splendor is made known;
The saving star has clearly shone.
Already heaven's brilliant light
Is calling us to what is right.
Te, Christe, solum quaerimus
videre, sicut es Deus,
ut perpes haec sit visio
perenne laudis canticum.
You, Christ, alone we strive to see,
Resplendent in divinity;
Give us this vision all our days,
And grant an endless song of praise.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.