Cohors beata Seraphim

Cohors beata Seraphim
quem Christus arcte diligit
laudet, chorusque canticis
noster resultet aemulis.
The blessed throng of Seraphim
Praise him whom Christ so dearly loves;
Our canticle of joy we sing
And echo hymns which ring above.
Hic discit, almus edocet
hic unde Verbum prodeat,
sinumque matris impleat,
sinum Patris non deserens.
He learned, instructing us in turn,
Of God the Word proceeding forth
Who, leaving not the Father’s side,
In Mary’s womb has come to earth.
Felix Ioannes, deligit
et te Magister providus,
ut clara Thabor lumina
hortique cernas taedia.
The Master chose you for his own,
O blessed John, with utmost care
Mount Tabor’s glory to behold,
Gethsemane in gloom to bear.
Tu, raptus in sublimia,
arcana caeli conspicis,
Agni sed et mysteria
Ecclesiaeque percipis.
Caught up to heaven’s lofty heights
What grace from God you now receive:
The Lamb, the Church, in mystery,
In blessed vision to perceive!
O digne fili Virgine,
succesor alti nominis,
nos adde Matri filios,
nos conde Christi in pectore.
O Virgin Mother’s worthy son,
Who from the Lord gained such a name,
Count us among her children true,
Within Christ’s heart help us remain.
Verbo sit ingens gloria,
caro quod est et creditur,
cum Patre et almo Spiritu
in sempiterna saecula.
Unending glory to our God:
The Word made flesh, whom we adore,
The Father and the Spirit blest,
For ever and for evermore.

This translation appears in the Hymnal for the Hours, by Rev. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.